Making Management Simpler
EBCS was established to make management simpler. We apply business, data and development experience to the combination of targets, process and people to simplify the management process and transform the business. Our objective is to make the transformation straightforward, quick, and non disruptive and to anchor and normalise the change so that it sticks. We believe this process is most effective over a short timescale, typically three months, and our approach is built around that objective. EBCS works with strategically significant associates where appropriate to ensure relevant issues can be addressed and the timescale can be achieved.
Tom Moore
Tom is an accountant by profession with forty years management and operational experience across a wide range of companies and sectors. He was involved in information-based and change management prior to joining EBCS. Tom is deeply interested in the way management works from both a systematic and people perspective. He is of the view that the management environment must be deliberately structured to deliver management change and optimise manageability. The environment must provide the means to achieve the change and, at the same time, the control to make sure that it happens. A properly balanced management environment will address the issues, continuously reinforce the management structure, and progressively reshape people's attitude to change. Like everything, it needs balance; it is not enough to just facilitate. The structure, in effect, needs to open up the way forward and block the way back.
Tom Slater
Systems & Data
Tom Slater is a Computer Engineering graduate from University of Limerick. He has worked at a senior level, in systems and data analysis roles, in a number of multinational companies and was a business analyst in the semi-state sector prior to joining EBCS. Tom understands the role and potential of data in effective management. He believes that fact based feedback is hugely influential in simplifying management and making it more effective. The truth is in the transactions and the data has a particular context for each manager. To be most effective, feedback must be objective and recognise that context.
Kevin McGrath
Software Development
Kevin graduated from University of Limerick with a first class honours degree in Electronic/Computer Engineering. He has twenty years' experience in software development and has led a variety of development teams. Kevin is committed to using technology to represent operational reality in the simplest, most intuitive way. He feels that software solutions, ideally, should be almost invisible, so that the focus can be on the content. Web based technology has enormous potential to present the facts, quickly, simply, and graphically. It can connect the user and the data without getting in the way.
John Flynn
John is an engineer by profession. He founded and managed one of Ireland's leading providers of computer infrastructure and supporting professional services for over 30 years. He was responsible for the implementation and commissioning of some of Ireland's largest and most successful e-Business infrastructures. John has been involved in EBCS from the outset. He has a keen interest in the evolution of hardware and electronic infrastructure. He believes the emergence of technologies such as tablet computing will radically alter users' habits and expectations. Touch screens and gesture driven technology will bring users continuously closer to the information and dramatically change their expectations in terms of speed and availability.
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