Making Management Simpler

The Insata implementation has up to three preparatory steps before the system itself is installed. Each step is quick and simple and delivers value in its own right.

The first step is designed to establish the need. It looks at what the company targets or objectives currently are and how they are rolled out across the management structure. We then establish how managers work with these targets now and what supports are currently in place.

As a second step, we assess the currently available data and how it is used to facilitate managers. We look at whether there are any gaps or whether there are data sources within the organisation that could be used to greater effect.

For the third step we combine the need and the data to determine the optimum feedback model for each manager. This will take into account the type of data they need and how it should be presented. Where critical gaps exists we look at how other data sources could be used to fill them or whether the data capture facilities in Insata could be used, in conjunction with your enterprise systems, to provide more relevant or focused measurement.

Insata is then configured to provide the agreed model. Generally this is a self contained exercise that requires very little involvement from your own managers or other staff resources.