Making Management Simpler

Insata sits on top of your existing systems or data sources and uses their data to monitor and measure operational performance. It is built around the combination of the management structure and the organisation’s critical objectives in order to establish what each manager needs to achieve and how they can be supported. The available data is then assembled to provide, quickly and continuously, the precise feedback and analysis each manager needs. This can be any combination of KPIs, exceptions, threats or trends that help the manager anticipate problems and drive performance.

By incorporating the management structure, Insata can recognise how information should flow so that each manager, from the CEO down to the front line, will have what they need. It provides a single, factual view of the current operational reality and gives each manager just what they need of that view.

The Insata system is implemented quickly and with little or no disruption. There is no giant step required; it starts from whatever point the company is at currently. It is browser based so that the feedback is available on your PC, laptop, tablet or phone.

Insata has been implemented in the private and public sectors in the Food, Engineering, Pharmaceutical, Construction, Service and Health Care areas.